Selected Talks

  • From Synthesis to Rational Synthesis: A Logic-Based Approach to Multi-Agent Systems
  • Trace Alignment and Timed-Trace Alignment: An Automata-Based Approach
  • Logics for Multi-Agent Systems Verification
    • 15/12/2015: Seminar Talk, Imperial College London
  • Strategy Logic: A Powerful Formalism for Game-Theoretic Issues
    • 24/11/2014: Seminar Talk, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Le Logiche Temporali e di Strategia nell’Ambito della Verifica Formale
    • 05/04/2013: 2013 SeLP Meeting, University of Naples ‘Federico II’

Community Service

Past Community Service


  • I am member of AIxIA, Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.
  • I am member of AILA, Italian Association for Logics and Applications.
  • I am member of GNCS, Italian Association for Scientific Calculus.
  • I support CLAIRE.